Winnipeg BBQ Catering

King Cole Catering has been in business since 1996, providing superior quality service as a Winnipeg Caterer to Winnipeg and southern Manitoba.

King Cole Catering will travel bringing their barbeque services to your small or large group in Winnipeg and beyond. We use only homemade sauces that provide the very best flavour for your BBQ meat selection.

All barbeque meat is slow roasted to develop the tastiest flavour and exquisite tenderness.

Years of experience and dedicated customer service equals an enjoyable catering experience for all.

What is a barbeque? Many people misuse the term barbeque. It has become anything that is cooked on a grill or in an oven. Barbeque is a method of cooking, not the dish itself. There is a difference between grilling and barbequing. Grilling involves direct heat or fire, searing the outside of the meat and locking the juices inside.

Barbequing is the process of cooking at a low temperature for a long period of time in order to achieve a tender and moist mouthful of succulent meat.

King Cole Catering as company strives to be the best barbecue catering service in Winnipeg by offering BBQ catering that is exceptional. King Cole Catering is a service orientated business here to help with any of your BBQ meal needs.

Wedding receptions can be a great way to enjoy barbecue flavoured meats. Large or small, King Cole Catering bbq catering services would love to be a part of your special day in Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba.

We can supply BBQ catering services in your back yard or in the many local facilities in and around Winnipeg. We serve barbecued meats that are tailored towards your BBQ catering needs.

King Cole Catering take’s great pride in the barbecue catering services we provide and will always go the extra mile to make our client’s happy. We are Winnipeg’s finest barbecue catering service.

Our menu’s are designed to meet your barbecue catering needs and can be customized to suit.

Take time to look at the King Cole BBQ website yourself to see what we can add to your wedding or event.